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Easy Tips To Live And Study In Canada

Becoming a student in Canada is one of the options to relocate from Nigeria. Because of the high standard of education offered here, getting an education is quite prestigious. There are many international students since they are by no means the only ones that come to Canada to study.

Preschool, secondary school, and post-secondary education comprise Canada’s educational system. Only if you live in the country with your immigrant parents who are from Nigeria are you eligible to enroll in the first and second stages. You can study in Canada if you have graduated from high school and want to enroll there.

How to Study in Canada?

Nigerian students can easily pursue higher education in this nation thanks to the large number of universities that welcome international students. Since this nation offers every type of education, you can select any major. The costs of tuition are exorbitant, just like they are in the United States or any other country in Europe, however there are many opportunities to receive a scholarship.

Read this post if you’re still asking yourself, “Why study in Canada?” Here, we’ll discuss your options for pursuing a degree in Canada as well as what it’s like to live there as a Nigerian student.

Live and Work in Canada

Let’s start with the fundamental elements of student life in this nation. When applying for a visa from Nigeria, you must first decide where you will live because the accommodation evidence is one of the documents needed for the application.
If you are from Nigeria, you have two main options for housing: a room on campus or a rented flat. Although the first one is less expensive, not all students have access to it. The second option is more costly, but it will give you greater independence in terms of your personal circumstances.

You can also find a host family, but you should look for a program that can facilitate this. The Lingoo website is the most effective resource for finding a host family. Although it is frequently free and quite inexpensive, you will have to adapt to a family’s way of life, which can be very challenging.

Work Opportunities

Many job options are available to students in this nation, and most Nigerian students work while they are in school. You benefit from having some extra cash and income.

Here is the list of the top 5 options for employment.

  1. Tutoring online.

Resources: WyzAnt,

  1. Freelance writer

Resources: Upwork, iWriter, Problogger

  1. Blogger

Platforms: Instagram, Facebook

  1. Social Media Manager

Search for local businesses that have Instagram or Facebook pages

  1. Call center

Local businesses are the best here as well

Colleges and Universities

Now let’s discuss the educational institutions that Nigerian citizens can attend to further their education. In this nation, there are colleges and universities. Students who desire to do research and further their education after earning a bachelor’s degree should attend universities. Colleges give you a more practical education and train you to find a job right away once you graduate.

How to Become a Student?

For students from Nigeria, there aren’t many strict prerequisites to study in Canada. The results of the entry tests are all that are required, together with the high school diploma. However, if you wish to be considered for a scholarship, your grades from the school in Nigeria are important. As for the entrance examinations, it’s crucial to prepare for them and pass them because there is a lot of rivalry because this nation is well-liked by foreign students.

You must be a top student and have some prior experience in the public eye if you’re interested in learning how to get a scholarship to study in Canada. Universities define “public experience” as your involvement in the community, including your local school and city, as well as your public service and volunteer work. There is a ranking based on test scores and extracurricular activities, and students who place highly can get scholarships.

Best Educational Institutions

Due to the fact that every educational institution has its own policies and guidelines, it is challenging to describe the precise information in one article. Checking the official website of the college or university you wish to attend is the best approach to discover more about the application process.
Here is a list of the top universities and institutions for Nigerian students that provide a range of academic programs as well as scholarship opportunities.

1.     University of Toronto


Information: It is one of the nation’s oldest institutions. If you want to study medicine in Canada, you should pick this one.

2.     Seneca College


Information: This college provides the broadest selection of educational options and employment opportunities following graduation.

3.     University of British Columbia


Information: This university is the most well-liked among students looking to pursue postgraduate study in Canada because it has the best research facilities in the nation.

4.     Fanshawe College


Information: If you wish to study and work part-time, you should enroll in this college. If you are from Nigeria, you can find more than 100 programs for part-time study here.

5.     University of Alberta


Information: There are numerous scholarship opportunities available here. Additionally, there are quotas for grants given to overseas students, increasing your chances of receiving one.

For students from Nigeria, this was the most crucial information regarding studying in this nation. You should browse the websites of educational institutions and read the blogs of Nigerian students studying in Canada for additional in-depth information.

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